Splash About Float Suit – Not Sure It Was Worth It

As Weasel loves swimming so much, excelling in all of her lessons, we do tend to spend a bit much on swim paraphernalia. She’ll quite happily keep swimming along until you pull her out of the water to breathe, but the problem is, she doesn’t think she needs to keep her head out of the water. Breathing to her appears to be optional Hmmm. So the Splash About Float Suit (made by the makers of those swim nappies everyone requires in lessons) seemed like a good solution – total freedom to move, adjustable amounts of floats to put in and the head stays out of the water.

Having just put it in the loft today after 2 uses, I thought it would be a good idea to review it whilst it was still fresh in the mind.

1) The sizing seems a little out – if you buy this, definitely go for a full size larger than your kid’s age. We bought Weasel this when she was 15 months old and it’s age 1-2 only to find discover it was a little snug from the outset.

2) It is actually very difficult to get the balance right with the floats. Maybe when they’re all in it works, but as soon as you want to reduce the buoyancy, you’ll struggle to work out which floats are optimal to remove.

3) Weasel just flat out didn’t like it. It may well be because it was a bit restricting around the waist or because she likes to dunk herself like a total nut underwater, but we never (in those 2 trips that it fit her) had a successful trip to the pool.

Verdict: This might work for kids if they aren’t confident in water, but if your kid is already jumping off the side into the deep end without a care in the world, I wouldn’t buy it.


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