Continental Cafe Guildford – not as crap as I had always imagined!

Time after time I’ve walked past this the Continental Cafe, which, although conveniently located in the town centre centre, is always full of ‘vintage’ patrons clearly seeking the heat that the glass roof supplies. The outdoor tables (which I think are a recent addition) always looked a bit odd from walking past, being above the car park entrance around the back. But on this uber-hot day, those tables looked damn inviting so I thought I’d give it a go. I love this shot I found on the Visit Surrey website, not exactly reality….

Weasel was definitely not in an eating mood; thankfully I bypassed the kids menu and went for a ham, cheese & tomato pastry for a couple of pounds. I was thrilled to see Snapples, but their imitation Fruit Shoots left a lot to be desired (not their fault, these seem to be popping up everywhere now, and seem even less natural yet the same price as what they’re imitating). All she really wanted was the crisps that were supposed to be part of my meal, as per usual. Luckily we didn’t get too may ‘how dare you let your kid eat nothing but crisps!’ disapproving looks from the older ladies nearby. Although plenty of ‘oooh, isn’t he cute’. Pink shirt? Red stripy ballet pumps? Ok, I’m not exactly going to win awards for baby style icon, but nor is it boy-ish.


Access & Toilets: 2 of the 3 ways of getting into this little shopping centre are pram friendly – if you’ve managed to find the odd one out, walk around the building a little further. Unfortunately the toilets looked like they were downstairs. Not having the energy on this boiling day to work out the logistics, we just headed over to House of Fraser after and used their facilities to change Weasel.

Food: A few choices of kids’ specific meals, but also normal sandwiches, jacket potatoes, etc. Branded drinks are a little on the expensive side.

Service: Unexpectedly amazing. They carried out my tray for me to the table and even gave table service to the disabled couple at the table next to me.

Atmosphere: The tables outside were much nicer to sit at than I was expecting with plenty of cars for Weasel to point out and views of the castle.

Verdict: If you’re shopping in Guildford this is a really good option for a quick lunch. T’ain’t thrilling, but service is good and the outside tables are really nice (including a glass roof to stop the odd bit of English summer hitting you).


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