The Taste of Weybridge & Pizza Express

Taste of London, with its champagne bars and celebrity chefs, this is not, but it’s nice to see local restaurants and businesses holding an outdoor food festival for the community for the Jubilee (well, a week in advance of the Jubilee). The Taste of Weybridge, was particularly awesome since it was free and from what it looked like, a lot of the food samples were free too. Take that London and your £26 entrance fee that doesn’t include any food! And in addition, Weasel probably enjoyed it more thanks to the tea cup ride and getting to watch older kids come down the bouncy slide.

The free food wasn’t really child-oriented, so we popped in Pizza Express just off the green for a quick lunch. It was the typical kids menu of 4 courses, although having been told you can insist on just a main, we gave that a go and it was in fact true. The waiter did try to talk us into a full extended menu, but given Weasel’s lack on interest in food, it seemed a waste even if it is less value for money (£4, so not that bad). The rigatoni and cheese wasn’t as tasty as on previous Pizza Express trips, so I didn’t enjoy the attempt to make her look like she ate more food than she did by stuffing it into my own gob. Still, I got to talk to my friends and no total toddler breakdown this time, so it was a success.


Parking – We easily found free a space a few blocks away near a friend’s house, just practice your parallel parking before hand.

Loos: None provided, but any of the participating restaurants would I’m sure have been fine with popping in. P.E. of course had one, but watch out for the trap door and the loo door indicator that always makes it look occupied.

Kiddie entertainment: Punch & Judy, a few rides, bouncy slide, a cop car where you could hit the siren (this in particular made me think I might be in a craggy island fair), free balloons (quickly lost to the wind) face painting, plus the ice cream, candy floss, etc. What could possibly be more entertaining than watching someone pick sugar fluff on a stick?

Verdict: Go if you live round these parts; it was worth it for a few hours of something different to do on a Saturday. I presume there will be a repeat annually since it looked so successful.


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