The Old Market House, Brixham

With just about the most awesome location ever and a sunny table big enough for 9 on the balcony over-looking the harbour, The Old Market House in Brixham was hard to resist. We popped in for a slightly late lunch, having taken the boat over from Torquay and it ended up being a mixed bag really. As you can see from the photo below, we are keeping with the ‘pointy stick’ tactic of getting your toddler to eat.

Awesome Points:

They had 2 high chairs and space for 2 prams out on the balcony, a nice looking kids’ menu, great changing facilities and tables far enough spaced that our neighbours didn’t care or notice our children being loud.

Disappointing Points:

Menu was a little low on seafood (strange given location and previous restaurant reviews), Weasel and her friend’s fish was undercooked (still translucent) and the chip to fish ratio was very strange indeed (and left few chips for parents to steal).


Verdict: I suspect this place is good for a drink, but not a place I would choose to eat a full meal at again. Weasel seemed less impressed with the views of the boats than I thought she would be, so this might not keep yours entertained either.


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