Hippo Has a Hat – Hardly Literary Genius

I’m starting to expect the worst when I pull books out of the multi-pack bought from the Book People ages ago, but was still blown away by the crapness of Hippo Has a Hat. I’m not worried about offending the author; it does feel like she had to get a book out quickly to fulfill a contract as very little effort has gone into the illustrations, rhymes or story. Honestly, I would take One Mole Digging a Hole over this any day. And, most importantly, Weasel finds it boring and reaches for another books after a few pages.

And just on the moral high horse, the plot is about everyone going shopping to look their best for a party. Is this really what I want Weasel reading? Probably not. Where’s that charity shop bag…

Verdict: Avoid, avoid, avoid.


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