The Hunt for the Perfect Sippy Cup

I had an insane notion that Weasel wouldn’t use a bottle past 6 months, just planned on just removing it one day. Plus the idea that Weasel would go straight to her first non-milk in a normal cup without even needing the sippy cup stage. Honestly, the things my brain thought, with very little research, were just nuts. Oh well, here’s a run-down on some of our sippy cup trials and tribulations.

So we started off with the 1) Doidi cup. Simply put, I think it’s bonkers. It results in your kid pouring water everywhere the instant they get it. And secondly, you can’t actually transport water in it, so you can only really use it in the house, particularly when you’re still boiling the water when they’re pre-6 months.

We moved onto the standard  2) Tommee Tippee, not the base model, the Explora one, which moved into her nursery. Yes, my nursery makes you supply your own cups, but I suspect pushy parents were saying their kids had to use this one or that, and this solved that problem. It served its purpose, but was degrading after a few months of the intense daily sterilisation they were putting it through.


The 3) cow cup went next, awesome but sadly now lives at nursery and unable to find a replacement! It’s brilliant as it doesn’t leak and the lid is all one piece, so less fiddly for nursery staff.

Next we moved onto the 4) Avent range, which replaced our bottles for milk and became the standard water bottle for Weasel for a good long time. The handles are removable, and they don’t leak too badly unless drunk from the wrong way up or shaken on purpose. We had to move on from using these as water cups outside of the house though, because of their small volume. We still use them for milk before bed and water around the house.

One that works brilliantly, but only in the house, is the cheap frog Ikea set (5). The bib is useless, such hard plastic that it digs in and the spoon is microscopic, but the bowl and cup are fantastic.  Of course Weasel can empty it all over the highchair tray within seconds, but she hasn’t yet managed to remove the lid and she really likes it (unsurprisingly).

Others we have bought and tested, in no particular order:

6) The Munchkin Mighty Grip  – pain to reassemble the lid after the dishwasher, but fairly leak free

7) The Vital Baby Toddler Trainer – large, so great for morning, but leaky for on-the-go or walk around the house with

8) The OXO Tot Training Cup – again, great at a highchair, but messy anywhere else as it’s open

9) The metal Steelsafe– Very nice design, no leakage, keeps water cool and no taste of plastic that you can get with others (you should really try some of the BPA free ones, they taste like you’re drinking molten plastic). One downside is that it dents very easily and seems small.

10) A Sainsbury’s own one that we might as well chuck in the bin it’s so useless. Most of the time you do get what you pay for.

11) Pirate Sippy Cup – Tesco’s own brand I believe (photo below being emptied out on highchair)- ok, and a cup she loves, but far too easily drained of its contents into her cheerios.

12) Nuby Flip-It – ok, but my husband managed to break it by trying to totally disassemble the straw for the dishwasher and Weasel spends the whole time flipping it shut and screaming to have it reopened.

13) The last one in the cupboard still, but by no means the last one we’ll buy I’m sure, it’s the Bobble!   I thought I was the last person on Earth to have heard about these as a few people I know have them, but people are always asking about them when we’re out. As it’s a gadget really, and unsurprisingly the most expensive of the lot, it’s the one I like the most. No leaks (no matter how hard Weasel tries to fill her highchair try/lap/sofa/car seat with water) and no taste of plastic what-so-ever. The filter does need to be replaced (it says every 300 uses) and it doesn’t look like it would fare well in a dishwasher. Originally bought for me, but I totally screwed up the metric sizing and it was smaller than I expected. Weasel ended up with it and I ordered the bigger version.

Verdict: You’ll need different ones for juice/milk before bed/taking to the park/sitting in the highchair, so you’ll never get away with just one. We could live with only the Bobble, Avent and cheap Ikea one I reckon – would have saved us a fortune!


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  1. I put my version of the Bobbi in the dishwasher and can confirm, it does not fare well…. : /

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