Prezzo Torquay

Wanting something chain-restauranty (something I never would have said before a toddler) for lunch one sunny afternoon on holiday, we wondered into Prezzo in Torquay reassuringly packed full of toddlers. I’m guessing it’s an old banking hall, which made for some interesting acoustics when all three kids kicked off. I did note that anyone that came in after us was seated by the waiters far, far away from us. And I don’t blame them.

On the plus side, they do give awesome stickers for the kids to stick in their hair and try to eat, huzzah!

The menu is a ‘4-courser’, if you count the babyccino like they do. We went for cheesy garlic bread (tasty for mummy & daddy too who were starving), followed by penne alla carbonara (saves on the tomato sauce stains), chocolate ice cream (she was never going to eat it anyways, so I chose the flavour I wanted to eat as any good parent would) and a babyccino. Overall the menu choices were really good even for our kid who is yet to appreciate pizza. Note lack of child in highchair though – this was one of the few occasions ever when she’s had to be taken for a walk around the block so we weren’t all chucked out.

Verdict: Prezzo is good for kids, but this one is maybe going to amplify your toddler’s ‘wonderful table manners’ to crazy, annoy-the-entire-restaurant levels.


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