Chilly Legoland at Half Term

Heading back to Legoland for this season I was struck by 2 things – what a pain a theme park is with a toddler when it’s half term and that very little changes in terms of rides they can enjoy once they walk. Weasel was only crawling when we went in the autumn and went through a lot of the rides and park in a Baby Bjorn. The few things that would have now been opened up to her had other limitations we hadn’t thought about – the waterpark isn’t practical when it’s freezing (although this didn’t stop a few resilient kids), the play areas in Duploland get overrun with school age children hogging the slides and the Pirate Training Camp is sadly still slightly to big for her. Of course we still had a great time, especially managing to finally get onto the submarine ride (going just before it closed meant only about a 10 minute queue, manageable for even the fussiest of toddlers I imagine), we just had to spend a lot longer in queues than on the rides themselves.


Changing Rooms – we used the ones near the lake with the pirate shows. It’s brilliant as it had about 8 kid’s changing rooms which were pretty decent.

Food: We ate at the outdoor Burger Ranch next to the pirate lake this time – not exactly our normal choice, but as we were going to Pizza Express later, we didn’t really fancy pizza/pasta for lunch, which is the main other options in the area. The kids meals (I’m using the plural as I had one too 🙂 ) came in the distracting, give-you-10-minutes-of-peace-to-eat-your-own-meal box, with Caprisun (2 for me, woohoo!), a whole apple (to be chucked at parents possibly, what else use is it to a parent of a toddler?), small fries and some chicken goujons. Luckily they have highchairs coming out their ears at Legoland eateries, but they do seem to require a wipe down before use.

Verdict: Don’t go at Half Term if you don’t need to with your young-un, they’ll get pushed off the playground equipment, whine about queues for the rides and, if they are still under a year, you won’t be able to use your carrier in this busy time. We’re still waiting for the magical height of 90cm for her to be able to ride more rides, and I think that will make much more of a difference to her experience than simply the transition for crawler to walker. Oh and she still hates the Fairytale Brook.


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