A Bit Lost – aka OWL!!!

A Bit Lost could well be the cause of Weasel’s owl fascination. As kid’s phases go, I can cope with an owl one, even if it has led to some nights where she’s wanted to cuddle an owl shaped lipgloss to sleep (one initially meant as a gift for someone else, we’ve had to now adopt it ourselves).

The illustrations are amazing, the plot is a good one for toddlers (trying to find mummy owl and finding loads of other animals instead) and I feel strangely compelled to make the squirrel French. I only wish it were slightly longer, as you have to ad lib to stretch it out and there isn’t a whole lot to point out on the pages. It’s worth it if just for the mummy cuddle at the end (plot spoiler!).

A big up by the way to Lizzy – thanks for being such an avid reader – I will try to put more cake. 🙂



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