Model Village at Babbacombe – Really?

I thought my husband suggested going to a Model Village in an ironic way. I thought we were going to walk around snickering about how naff it all was whilst at least our toddler enjoyed this weird, most English of phenomena. My husband, it turns out, did not see it this way and my toddler was asleep for most of it. I am traumatized.

On the positive side – I’m sure if your kid were awake they’d enjoy it more. There are buttons to push (Stonehenge described in German anyone?), trains, cars (of the 1980’s variety, bulk deal on DeLoreans it appears) and a fire-breathing dragon. For slightly older kids there did seem to be a Where’s Wally hunt and hidden letter animals in the exhibits and the kids around age 5 seemed to be enjoying those bits.

Access: Serious hills – my pram managed it, but there are many steps, so a buggy board wouldn’t make it round.

Loos: Didn’t have the need, sorry!

Cafe: We were headed off to the pub for lunch to take advantage of the 2 more hours of parking we had on our car.

Weird, weird bits: The shed at the bottom of the garden full of plasticine heads of Sponge Bob Square Pants and Dr Who lit by flickering lights and smelling of damp. I am considering marriage counseling after this.

Verdict: Paying for a car park is not cool when you’re paying £9 to get in to what you thought would be a giggle. Unless your kid is seriously into modeling or villages, I would probably just go to the beach.


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