I’m sorry Ms Potter…

Yet another purchase from the Book People who visit my office (maybe I should be learning a lesson here), the Beatrix Potter box set was bought when Weasel was just an annoying, kicking thing interrupting my year end meetings with her incessant wiggling.

I started reading these to Weasel during her baths since they’re a little longer than your average baby book, but was surprised that a) the stories were so weird and b) they were really, incredibly boring. It’s a real shame; I did want to love them and thought it was an amazing gift for Weasel. I’ve decided to leave the photo sideways since its like that on Amazon, if just to make a boring box  set more interesting.

Luckily there is one use for the box set – rearranging the books in the box and scooting it around the floor by riding it like a horse. £40 well spent then?


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