Jorvik Viking Centre – York – Less Smelly Than Expected

When we heard we were going to York for a wedding last summer, all my husband kept going on about was the Jorvik Viking Centre and how amazing it was. Again, this is all about childhood memories of schooltrips (seems a bit of a stretch from Hampshire, but oh well, I should believe him), and my hopes were it was as good as he remembered and less smelly. And I don’t mean smelly in the sense that it’s a bit run down or in the vicinity of a sewage works, I mean that they pipe in ‘authentic’ Viking smells. Having a ridiculously over-powered nose, an unpredictable toddler and a dodgy belly from all the cheese the night before (A cheese plate for a starter, followed by a full roast dinner!? I like cheese, but holy crapola!), I was keeping my fingers crossed for their smell machine being broken.

And as we appear to have forgotten to take a single photo, here’s a stock one from t’internet of the very unpromising building:

So how is this different from normal city museums? Because it’s got an awesome ride! On the way to the ride, err, “state of the art time-capsules”, you get to walk over suspended glass floors. The “time-capsules” themselves, despite the naff name, are actually really fun for toddlers. Animatronic dogs and people are either going to be best enjoyed by toddlers or people who are super keen on Vikings. And thankfully, they’ve turned the smells down, hooray! I can definitely live without experiencing the real life smells of a Viking village. I know it probably stunk; that’s good enough for me.


Prams have to go down in a small lift, which pretty much only fits the pram (the website even advises that only one wheelchair can be in the building at a time due to the mobility difficulties

Loos: We didn’t actually see any, although I presume they must exist. There is a Starbucks across the street, so probably worth going in there before.

Queues: pretty long and in the rain (this is the north, so that’s the default right?), so book in advance to avoid it.


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