Food on a Pointy Stick Definitely Tastes Better

Going out for a big, multi-course dinner with a toddler always seems to get my stress levels up, even though I try my hardest not to show it. It’s just like Russian roulette, you’re never really quite sure when they’re going to go off and ruin your evening. Luckily Weasel was mostly ok at our visit to The Three Horseshoes in Harston a few weekends’ back, helped by two main factors – the presence of relatives to coo over her and the availability of prawn crackers and meat on pointy sticks.

Food: The menu didn’t really lend itself to your traditional ‘kid friendly’ food – most of it might be a little spicy, so check the spice levels with the waitress. Ordering stupidly spicy food by husbands who can’t handle it should be avoided too – this is not the time to prove your manhood by ordering a Jungle Curry and then whining about it. Weasel enjoyed the prawn crackers (although not as much as usual, they were really fishy) and bits off our platters for starters. Meat on a stick rocks her world, a theme we’re starting to go with despite its inherent dangers; most of the rest got little more than a glance. She couldn’t really share our mains due to the spice, but thankfully she happily tucked into some rice.

Changing: Sadly no. And beyond no tables, there was so little room that we had to do a near vertical change in the middle of the bathroom floor next to the sinks. It is a bit of a shame, but it would make us think twice about going back. I would bring pull-ups next time.

Verdict: Great Thai food, shame about the toilets for Weasel. On a nice summer’s day you could easily resolve this by changing outside, in your car or just master the vertical change before hand -not exactly ideal, but worth it for the food.


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