Time to Go Home Little Bunny – just not to mine please

Time to Go Home Little Bunny is another one of those books I bought from the Book People who came to my work before Weasel came along, which helped me amass a ridiculous amount of books for a fetus. The illustrations are cute, the overall story is good and the moving bits are some of the most Weasel-proof I’ve seen in any book.

My problem is with the story itself; it goes on, and on, and on, and on, forever. More filling out pages to match the fluffy illustrations than moving the story along, you’ll find you’re kid will want to do nothing but make the pictures change. It suffers from ‘too many words on the page’ syndrome, leaving Weasel bored and wanting to move on to the next page, leaving me wanting to skip two-thirds of the paragraphs. It’s quite telling that the one review on Amazon loved it, but gave it away as a gift so didn’t have to read it themselves to a hyper-toddler. Just waiting for the uber-resiliant construction to fail…


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