Ned’s Noodle Bar – It’s Been Too Long

My pre-baby memory of Ned’s is of a tiny take-away with a couple of very high tables, very little pram manoeuvring space (obviously at this point it would have been ‘space for shopping bags’) and no loo. And whilst the last fact is still sadly true, the rest seems to have been wrong thankfully.

Ned’s Noodle Bar, about a 5 minute walk from Waterloo station, turns out to be a perfect place to stop for a quick dinner before catching a train home. We always face the dilemma that it will be too late for Weasel to eat when she gets home, but restaurants on a Saturday night around the Southbank can be lively (in a not-toddler-friendly sense) and packed. Because Ned’s appears to be mostly a delivery operation (this branch anyways), we ended up being the only patrons in there; leaving plenty of space for the 2 prams and the unstable toddler. And, amazingly, they had not one, but two highchairs! I’ll gloss over the fact that they’re still a little short for the table since I was so impressed to see they existed.


Changing: sadly no, there’s no loo of any sort. As we were on the way to the train, we changed her when we got on to head home (luckily the unexpected gift happened at the end of the meal).

Food: Awesome kid’s meals like chicken chow mien or sweet & sour chicken with noodles for £4.75, that come in the best box ever that always makes me think of Wayne’s World. Prawn crackers could keep any child entertained for aaaages.

Best part?: Uneaten food is already in a takeaway container, bonus! And you get to teach your kid the joy of reheated Chinese food (thoroughly heated obviously).


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