Thomas Oken Tea Room -Warwick

Passing through on the way to Birmingham last spring, we thought we’d take Weasel on a trip to see Warwick Castle. We were running a little late, but it’d still be worth it right? Totally blown away by the ticket price of £21.60 each, and unable to imagine what this castle would have to provide me with to give us £43.20 worth of happiness in the next 2 hours, we bailed and made a b-line for a tea room. Given we missed out on the ye olde worldiness of the castle (which must have been mind-blowing given the price), we opted for the twee looking Thomas Oken Tea Room, packed to the rafters for Mother’s Day.






They did manage to squeeze us in, although even the mini-pram wouldn’t fit and had to be left in the entrance. Fair enough I suppose for a 500 year old building.

The food was super-tasty, even if we did get some seriously weird looks for giving Weasel sugary scones with raisins at 5 months old. The little shop (I am a sucker for giftshop/tea room shops/anything I can buy really) was slightly disappointing and I didn’t buy anything – a rarity for me.

Changing Facilities? Well, sort of if you count the floor in a medieval courtyard. The loos are outside, like as in you have to walk out the front door, around the building, in the rear gate, open the shed, and voila! To be fair to them, they had done it up nicely, with some lovely slate flooring for Weasel to bang her head on. If it’s as big as a shed, put a changing table in!!


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