Pizza Express – Windsor

On seeing the menu last night in Pizza Express, I realised this is probably the last of the high street Italians that Weasel has graced with her presence (and crumb droppings). We were armed with an awesome voucher (£13 for 3 courses valid on weekends), a knackered child, crashed out in her pram after spending most of the day running around Legoland and half an hour to kill, so off to grab a drink at The Duchess of Cambridge (‘families welcome’ but I suspect they’re happier without rambunctious toddlers). Weasel managed to sleep through to our desserts despite our attempts, but luckily woke up in a mood that wasn’t going to have too many fellow patrons quickly asking for the bill.

Kids’ Menu: A 4 courser (if you count the bamibinoccino like they do) – good but we could have really done with only the main given when she woke up. The starter is doughballs with butter and cucumber, mains were a choice of a basic pizza or a couple of kid friendly pastas (she had cavatappi with cheese and ham), followed by some awesome looking desserts (they gave us a chocolate cupcake to go given how there was no way she was going to touch it after eating our chocolate cake) and a babyccino. It was a little pricey for £6.45, but probably aimed at older kids given the portion size.

Highchairs: The nice in-the-normal-chair type.

Pram Space: Might have been limited at some tables, but they managed to find us one that fit her in so she could finish her sleep.

Changing: Upstairs in the ladies’ loos – like, in the middle of. It felt a little awkward as it nearly blocked one of the 2 stalls and it was a busy Saturday night.

On a Saturday night?: It was really family friendly when we arrived and all the birthday parties and large groups were upstairs, so noise levels were actually nice and low. The staff were really nice to the kiddies.

Verdict: Good for kids, meal a little big/pricey for toddlers, conveniently looking onto Windsor Castle and a busy road to keep toddlers occupied and shouting ‘Car!!!’


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