I Want My Hat Back

Having seen I Want My Hat Back on Amazon, again another ‘Award Winning’ one, I popped it on my wish list without much thought. It doesn’t scream out exciting with it’s simple title and subdued colours, but Weasel likes hats, so I thought that was reason enough to (eventually) buy it. When it ended up under the inlaws Christmas tree (thank you anti-Kate!), I couldn’t believe how Amazing it was!

It is a bit of a slow-grower on Weasel and it’s taken until now to really get her interested in the story, so I’d recommend it’s best bought 18 months plus. The joy in it is for the parents from the amazing yet simple, twisted story. It’s very subtle and there’s not going to be singing along to this book, but it is a very cool, Kafkaesque (to steal my brother in law’s description of it!) telling of a bear looking for his hat. If you want a kid reading Sartre by 12, this is probably where they start out.

Verdict: Buy it, but don’t expect fluffy.


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