Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua – aka A Very Sweaty Weasel in a Baby Bjorn

I thought I’d go completely random and help fill those many empty spaces on my Where’s Gravel map with our trip to Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua. Due to lack of marina space (Sailing week, should have really known…), just getting off our boat became a bit of a challenge with Weasel and something I hadn’t really anticipated as being a problem. Dinghy + child too small for life jacket + Atlantic waves = parents shitting themselves. We did manage to get out at Nelson’s with the prospect of a meal we didn’t have to cook ourselves, a coffee shop and (for husband and I anyways) a real surviving (and world’s only working) Georgian dockyard.

Marina at Falmouth:

If you’re after a coffee, Skullduggery Cafe has it along with wifi, a bar and a place to tie up your dinghy to. There are some toilets upstairs (which I think were for the posh restaurant next door) where you can change your shorts if you managed to totally soak yourself on your dinghy trip over. The website says there is provisioning here, but to be honest we didn’t look for it (although we should have, may have saved on the mac& cheese with ketchup dinner that followed). Thankfully Weasel was still only mostly eating bread and the suitcase load of Ella’s purees that we carted over, so at least she got fed properly.

Nelson’s Dockyard:

Full of stalls, shops, a restaurant and lots of historical boatyard stuff to look at. We liked it, but non-boaty types might not find it quite as interesting. Phwoar, check out that wetdock, I must admit is not your typical tourist statement. And the museum has plenty of random wooden figures for your toddler/husband to stick their heads through, in addition to all the boaty bits.


Changing Facilities – non-existent. I don’t think in such a warm climate an enclosed room with poo bin would be a good idea, so al fresco it is!

Highchairs- No, don’t be silly. Take a totseat or booster seat if they’re super young (she’s 6&1/2 month here and couldn’t yet sit up on her own).

Kid friendly? : Every local lady will be coo-ing over your child (and probably laughing at the amount of suncream that’s smeared on the poor thing).

Carrier: Needed. If you are actually coming off the boat, I would love to see your pram in a dinghy. It might be worth buying a mesh summer carrier off Ebay beforehand (fail on our part) as the Bjorn can get really sweaty for both you and the kid.


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