The Weyhill Fair

Given the history of the Weyhill Fair (actual fair, not the pub), I’ve always thought this place should be warmer and more inviting, with ye olde worlde fires and cozy nooks. The once passable food and ok atmosphere has now turned into a slightly damp and oddly uninviting pub with a kid. Maybe I didn’t notice it before through the beer haze, but actually walking through the drinkers at the bar at 12 on a Sunday didn’t exactly feel like being welcomed into the warm bosom of an English country pub. To be fair to them, I hear the beer festival still rocks and the ale is kept well, but sadly these are not exactly my life priorities anymore.

Thankfully there was at least one other family in there and they did have the basics of a high chair and kids menu, even if it mostly consisted of things with chips.We went for the sausage ploughmans, expecting cheese, bread, sausage, maybe a bit of apple. What we got was an adult’s ploughmans made small, so complete with pickled onion, onion chutney, raw onion salad (seriously, these people must have never changed a nappy to expect me to fill my toddler with that exciting, poo-plosion inducing mix!). A kid with the taste for those foods would probably find the portion too small for them. She did enjoy the sausage and the bread (strangely eaten with a fork) at least.

Verdict: If you’re on the way somewhere (like Finkley Down in this case), this pub will do you for some quick simple food (like the husband’s fish finger sandwich). Thankfully you can hide away in the family room in peace, just take an extra cardigan. And lastly, despite having a disabled loo, there are no baby changing facilities apart from the floor.


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