Oxo Tot 200

With a name like the OXO Tot 200 Training Cup it feels like it should be read in that deep, over-emphasizing American movie trailer voice, and it is actually very cool and very different from other toddler cups that we’ve come across. And it makes everyone go “oo – ooo” when they see it.

Basically, the USP is that it’s a normal cup that solves the problem of toddlers not quite understanding the whole angle thing and tipping water all over themselves. And it works. Of course you’re not going to carry this around in your handbag for use out of the house and yes, they can still go mad, flip it over and turn their dinner plate into some kind of mac & cheese floaty island water fun park (who wouldn’t?!), but it does what it can to help us poor mother’s not go crazy at every meal and *hopefully* train them to use a cup properly one day. I’d definitely recommend it if you’ve got a kid like Weasel who really should be using a proper cup at the table but doesn’t seem to quite get it yet.








They do seem to do a whole range of tableware, including one of these cups with handles and a sippy cup spout for younger toddlers. We’d already gone mad in Ikea, buying all thew standard brightly coloured multi-packs of kids stuff they do, so only really needed this unique cup. But here’s some shiny, pristine kitchen, clearly untouched by toddler hands, full of it:


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