More Fluffy Creatures! Finkley Down Farm Park

More fluffy creatures, what more could you want for Easter?!

Finkley Down Farm Park gave us the opportunity to take Weasel to see some super cute animals and relive my husband’s childhood at the same time. This didn’t stop husband trying to lower my expectations in the week leading up to our family-outing with talk of how of course it would be nothing like he remembered (this memory included being able to carry all the animals around, so probably best really!), how it would be minuscule and full of rusty, decrepit playground equipment. So 5 adults and one toddler went off to the farm. Luckily it looks like either it was as good as he remembers or they’ve invested in the park in the last 20 years pretty significantly.

The animal handling barn seems to have very regular petting sessions with plenty of space for little ones to sit. All the standard farm animals are here for the kiddos, including the world’s most velvety rabbit which I was very tempted to stuff in my handbag.

In addition to the animals you get a field where someone has seemingly gone nuts with an Argos catalog buying them out of Little Tikes toys, 2 soft play areas, a giant Lego area, a field of mini-tractors to play on, random farm machinery to climb on and for the older kids (or parents) some awesome play equipment and a most kick-ass slide.


Cost – a little expensive at £7.95 and only under 2’s are totally free. I imagine locals all have annual passes.

Food – There is a cafe with some cakes and sandwiches, but to be honest we went home for a giant roast dinner (lamb, so appropriate after meeting them…).

Changing – A separate changing room near the toilets – we didn’t use it, but it didn’t look that bad from the outside.

And from the crazy American’s viewpoint – take the antibac gel. If I have to hear ‘it makes them stronger’ one more bloody time…


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