Mexican in Farnham – Chimichanga

Hearing there’s a new Mexican restaurant opening in England fills me with trepidation. I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but hold out hope that this could be ‘the one’ that finally gets it right. Chimichanga is part of a small chain, but this is the first one we’ve managed to get to and it was well worth the trip.

Being the first ones in the restaurant is always worrying, even more so for parents. I get this dread that it’s going to be nothing but loved up couples or students after a cocktail hour and eagerly anticipate every push of the door. One positive sign was that we were placed in the one window seat instead of hiding us away at the back, so they obviously thought we’d get people in instead of scare them away, hoorah! The staff were super nice to Weasel the whole time, chatting to her every time they popped by the table and there were loads of other little ones eventually for Weasel to watch.

And being a chain means it has all the essentials for toddlers – bucket of crayons, menu you can colour on and a decent 3 course kiddie meal that included nachos and chips. Ok, so this isn’t going to win you any parenting awards for getting your kid to eat broccoli, but holy crap they’re going to enjoy licking salty nachos. We had a starter of taquitos (husband inexplicably obsessed with the word which seems to mean different things in every restaurant) which was ginormous followed by similarly huge chimichangas and enchiladas.

This photo demonstrates how daddy’s plate is always infinitely more exciting that ones own, even when it has chips and cheesy chicken tortillas on it.


Plenty of space for prams (at most of the tables, maybe difficult at the booths)

Disabled loos downstairs with baby changing

Parking – if the parking gods are smiling down on you, you might just get a space on Castle Street. Since you’re more like to get struck by lightning, either the Central Car Park or the one by Waitrose work well.

There’s a little step at the front door, but even our mini-pram managed it.

Ambiance -Mexicany music is at a good level at lunch time, but I imagine this place could get a little ‘happy hour’ after dark. Weasel particularly enjoyed the Mayan art.

Verdict: A decent Mexican in Surrey which likes kids, miraculous. From the looks of the interior you probably want to go for lunch instead of dinner with young kids.


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