Legoland with a crawler

Before we go back this season with our crazed toddler, I thought it would be good to encourage people that you can go to Legoland with a not-completely-mobile kid and they will still enjoy it. People do think I’m mental when I say I take Weasel to places like this, but not only does she get a lot out of it, she can actually get on quite a few rides.

Step One: Buy a discounted ticket, only a fool would pay £40 to get in. Some supermarkets offer discounted tickets for points. We managed to find tickets online last year for £15 for a parent with an under 6 year old. Even if this meant buying Weasel a ticket she didn’t need, it meant mine was less than half price strangely.

Step 2: Download or pickup a map at the beginning and map out the rides your kid can go on. This saves wondering around aimlessly trying to read the small print. There are loads of different criteria for rides: over .9 can ride on their own, under 1.3 must have an adult, must be able to sit on their own, etc. You’ll get away with a carrier on some rides on very quiet days, but they seem to enforce the rules a little tighter on busy days. Some of the rides allow you to wedge the kid between 2 of you to stop some of the wobble if they’re a little unstable still.

Step 3: If your kid can’t walk yet, take your carrier! They’ll get so much more out of it than always being in a pram. Here’s the Pirate Training Camp, a good work out for parents too!

The Playtown and Waterworks are awesome for a toddler, just bring a change of clothes, the latter is a full-on soaked experience.

The boat ride could be done as long as your kid can sit between you and there’s an added bonus if they can stand up – the steering wheel is right at the perfect height!

Fairy Tale Brook – the world’s dullest ride. Even Legoland themselves couldn’t find a photo of happy kids on this ride for the website. The only upside? The troll sounds like he’s chundering.

An important realisation that I had this trip was that I now understood who all those naff statues made of Lego were aimed at – toddlers! Weasel smiled and pointed at all the crappy animal statues, car statues and even the bins shaped like crocodiles.Your toddler will find magical the most random of things in Legoland, and that’s definitely a good thing.


Food- good variety. Even the chips and burgers places had a veggie pasta dish by Annabel Karmel for kids which Weasel wolfed down.

Changing Facilities: Not too bad, of the unisex disabled variety. There’s a feeding room in the first aid bit too.

That gigantico hill: You can take the train down/up some of it, but if you have a pram be prepared for the twistiest turniest route in order to avoid stairs for the rest. Look at it as a way to burn off all the calories you probably scoffed at the bottom of the hill.


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