A Bathmat- a baby product I never knew I needed

Having dismissed the product recommendations on Amazon for a kid’s bathmat simply because we had a wicked baby bath that sits in the tub, I had quite a shock the first time Weasel went in the big, proper bathtub having outgrown her old bath. You read loads, ask recommendations and shop around when you buy baby products, not really thinking of the fact that they’ll be redundant in a few months time and you have to go through the whole process all over again for the next stage. Like all amazing baby devices, Weasel outgrew her infant bath long before her trunk control allowed her to sit steadily in the bath. After one nerve-wracking, heart palpitation-inducing bath, I rushed out to buy a bathmat.

The jelly bathmat we went for has been awesome, and this is why I’m happy we picked it up at JojoMamanBebe instead of trawling through Amazon only to buy a crap one:

-I had my doubts, but it really is washable. Straight in the machine. And despite some discoloration at the lower end, it stays remarkably clean given what it goes through.

-You can stick it to the wall between uses to dry it, and after 11 months we still don’t have any mold.

-It is long enough to run almost the whole length of my super-long bath (super long is a little subjective given my own diminutive height) and is shaped to actually fit a bath instead of the usual rectangular configuration, giving Weasel space to run like a mentalist without quite as much danger.

Verdict: Definitely a thumbs up. Covering it with a crap-load of bath toys optional.


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