Hello Chickens!

Fancying a day out to meet friends near the south coast and liking the idea of getting to see some fluffy baby animals, we decided to check out Manor Farm near Bursledon. I was even more excited to find out that not only is it a farm park, but it’s also a film set for Wartime Farm on the BBC. Not being particularly interested in it before, I’m now clearly going to watch the series just to point out, like a big sad-o, where I stood looking at sheep.

Avoid if you have any kind of bird phobia, chickens are absolutely everywhere, helped by the fact they sell bird feed at the entrance. They’re quite clearly some fancy kind of chickens I know nothing about, but one thing I know is for sure, there would be some good eatin’ on most of them. Here’s one bowing down to Weasel as she gives the royal wave.

There’s the usual variety of farm animals – chickens, sheep, ducks, cows, pigs, etc., all very friendly. There’s also a medieval house (furnished up to Victorian times) to wander round, staff dressed in Victorian garb and a lovely church that we couldn’t quite figure out how to get to. And despite Weasel’s diminutive height, we managed to get her near the front for the cow milking (we decided we probably shouldn’t let her have a go, but there were plenty of keen 4 year olds) and the duckling petting. And even on a sunny weekend, it didn’t seem over-crowded at all.


Parking : £2, but you get it then off the price of your ticket. (As the car parks are also convenient for walks along the Hamble, not everyone using them comes to the farm)

Food: There’s a cafe serving the usual cakes/sandwiches/ice lollies. The kids menu is cheap at £3.50, or you could do what we did and have a picnic at one of the tables before you enter the farm itself.

Facilities: Toilets were of the block outdoors variety, and given the weather we went for the changing outside option. They do have baby changing in the disabled loo though.

Cost: Super bargainous – £6 per adult, £4 per kid, free 3 and under.

Verdict: Definitely check it out – it’s probably the best farm park I’ve ever been to.


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