Easter Egg Hunting!

Having avoided the whole Easter thing last year fearing that there wasn’t much you could do with a 5 month old, this year we’re ready to embrace this whole bunny thing whole-heartedly. To start with Weasel is one lucky girl, getting both American tradition (basket brought by a bunny) and the giant chocolate Easter egg for her British half. This kid’s going to be chocolated-up to the eye balls. I was super excited when we got invited to go to the NCT Easter Egg Hunt at Cranleigh Golf Club, although slightly worried that the total lack of info might reflect on the organisation of the event. Thankfully I was totally wrong and it rocked.

Given that Weasel can be a little cautious and hold back until she fully understands what she’s meant to be doing, I was grateful that there was not only a separate under-2’s hunt, but also they saved some back to redistribute for us stragglers. She did manage to ‘find’ four eggs and enjoyed rolling them around in her hands in the warm sun and oozing out all the melty chocolate everywhere, so good times! It did put an end to the idea of going to the grocery on the way home however; couldn’t face the looks of disgust at the filthy chocolate covered toddler having a sugar-induced tantrum in the trolly.

In addition, there were Easter themed arts & crafts (so add to chocolate some nice red bingo dauber marks all over her arms; why must she always go for the red one that makes her look like she’s broken out in hives?!), cakes, a raffle and a few random tables that I never managed to make it to. Word of advice- get there early to get a good spot at a table so you’re not stealing some kids seat that already has a gluey, sparkly mess on it.

Verdict: Definitely worth going to or looking up to see if there’s an NCT one nearby (this was the Godalming & Haslemere NCT’s). Take a basket with you to collect your eggs and some lunch for a picnic after if you can (we were allowed to plonk down near the marquee on some grass), the food is slightly limited and ends at noon (when Weasel likes to eat) so were grateful to friends who shared their picnic! It’s a bargain at £3 for the first kid and no more than £5 per family.


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