Peepo! – a surprise hit book

I must admit when Weasel received this book, Peepo!, as a gift (sorry Dawn!), I thought it looked really naff. With it’s twee illustrations and writing about mummy in a hairnet (um, useful vocab?), I thought there was no way Weasel would go for this book.I was so wrong and it was such a good gift.

  • It makes you feel like your house is impeccably tidy – this family is just a fire-hazard!
  • The mother will make you feel slim and well-groomed even on your worse days!
  • Letting your kid throw around tampons from the cupboard or use vitamin bottles for maracas seems like ideal parenting compared to letting your kids stand on a ladder in the shed to get rusty cans off high shelfs whilst your infant is left in the pram outside in the cold.

In all seriousness, although some of the activities seem weird to us (usefulness of putting pj’s on the fire to warm up?), Weasel has learned loads of vocab from this book. There’s just so much to point out that it keeps interest, and the peeping bit makes them want to turn the page disparately so they can point out what they can see. This book is definitely a winner.


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