Marwell Wildlife Park Rocks

Marwell Wildlife Park rocks. Fact. It’s not the biggest zoo in the world or have some polar-expedition themed enclosures with bells and whistles. What it does have is a lot of picnic areas, happy animals and a lot of space to run wild in. And after realising that my little English house was unlikely to fit even a few sets of parents chasing after their crawling toddlers, Marwell seemed like a perfect idea for a birthday party for Weasel. And whilst it does take certifiable levels of crazy to organise a picnic mid-October with no back-up plan, our gamble paid off.

It is a little pricey (£18 for adults, and 3 upwards have to pay £14, so get there before that birthday!), and you will find walking between enclosures a little further than in most zoos. Food is your typical zoo affair, but bring a picnic, it’s far more fun. The car park isn’t too far, so we were able to bring food/birthday cake/blankets/etc. in and then cart them back to the car before wondering around. We grabbed some coffees and some brownies after at Cafe Graze which seemed alright for crappy machine coffee.

High points!

You could touch penguins (if you really wanted too, but you really, probably shouldn’t) or you could get them to chase a laser pointer.

Plenty of picnic space and therefore al fresco nappy changing facilities. Indoors wasn’t too bad, but why bother unless it’s raining.

There’s a small train, woohoo!

Outdoor play area near the tigers, always a good combo….

Low point – got to be the cost really

Verdict – A great day out just wish it wasn’t quite so expensive


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