Zogg Trainer Seat

Realising that it’s a damn hard workout carrying a kid around in the swimming pool after a few visits and starting to listen to that tiny voice that tells you maybe it’s not entirely safe to chat away to friends in a wave pool without some kind of safety device on your kid, we decided to buy Weasel a baby swim seat. Although it does have quite a short life (normally used from a few moths old until they hit the ‘you want me to sit still in what?! Um, no.’ stage), it is worth it if you spend a lot of time in pools or in the sea (yes, mother of the year, that award’s going to be mine), and is only around a tenner.

For warm-water sailors, the Zogg is amazing. Having done some dumb things tied to the back of a boat in Turkey previously (without Weasel), being at anchor in a bay with the Zogg tied to the boat seemed totally safe by comparison. It gave us the option to cool Weasel down in the heat of Antigua, which is hard to do when you lack a swimming pool or air conditioning. And Weasel must have felt confident in the Zogg, one of the most important aspects to me, because she kept falling asleep. Of course, like most new parents, every time she fell asleep we debated if she had hypothermia. Ah parenthood.

One difficulty was of course getting Weasel on and off the boat, given that she couldn’t sit up yet let alone climb a ladder wiggling away in the tidal stream. This is definitely a 2 person job and there is a little drop that requires breathe holding. But it is so totally worth it.

Verdict: Great for pools, or when tied to the back of a yacht


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