Cau – Brilliant, despite total toddler meltdown

Despite looking a little too trendy and making me sweat a little when I walked in and spotted the white leather benches, Cau it turns out is super family-friendly restaurant. I can imagine it’s not a place to take your toddler to on a Saturday night, but on a Sunday at 12:15, the place was packed out with kids.

Although the adult food is probably more than you’d want to spend on a normal meal out, the kids menu was about average at £4.50-£7. There was plenty of choice, and we chose cod & chips for Weasel to throw at us mid-tantrum and a chocolate milkshake which I very much enjoyed drinking when she decided after one sip that we were probably trying to poison her with it (we clearly are very mean parents making her eat chips and chocolate milkshakes, boo!). Weasel’s fork remained in the change bag as this place had awesome children’s cutlery.

The interior, although not full of cartoon cows or anything, will keep your kid occupied, as the other dozens of well-behaved kids seemed to be happy in there with the grass and clouds on the walls and white corrugated paneling. The changing facilities looked pristine (husband sent in), and were of the unisex variety. The acoustics are a god-send when you have a screaming child – you can barely hear them across the table let alone loud enough to annoy the rest of the restaurant! I only noticed the tiny baby next to us crying when I peeked over to see who Weasel was staring at. It must be a combination of the high ceilings, the perfect level of music and just the relief that non-parents seemed to all be seated upstairs, far away from the chaos of our table. The level of noise is probably helped by the fact that the tables are really far apart too, which has the added benefit of being able to fit prams next to the table and not have waiters bumping into highchairs.

And lastly, the staff- the were brilliant. They chatted to Weasel (mostly, “awww, someone’s not happy just waking up”), they served us quickly and brought courses when asked. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many staff in one restaurant on the high street and the level of training was impressive. We will definitely be back, hopefully with a less cranky toddler.


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