Ask -Winchester

Although a chain restaurant and probably about as unauthentic as they come, I’m a big fan of the Ask in Winchester. Despite the frequent fumes of smoke and slightly strange changing facilities, this place is great for kids and conveniently located for stopping off during shopping trips. Also being in Winchester for touristy malarkey, this place delivers on the ‘ye olde worlde’ front with some bits dating back to 1050 (which looks like a typo than an actual year!). Just avoid the special sauce….


-This place is chocka will toddlers and it’s a chain so you’re never going to have to worry about arsey waiters or awkward romantic diners next to you.

-Rocking kids menu! £6 for starter, main, dessert and babyccino. Of course you’re going to end up with the dessert (what toddler is going to get through a 3 course meal?), and the Pineapple Delizia is amazing. It’s literally a pineapple ring on a digestive biscuit with a scoop of ice cream. I love it! It just makes me think that’s what haute cuisine was like here in the 70’s and makes me love the retro-ness of it. And, what an easy idea for kids round your house for dinner!

-Unfortunately with the starter, Weasel had an allergic reaction to the dipping sauce the 2 times she ate it. I say ate it, of course I mean smeared all over her face. Writing to Ask we learned it is a mix of ketchup and mayonnaise and have found out it’s common to have issues with ketchup when very young. So maybe avoid if your kid hasn’t had ketchup before. Or let them go crazy smearing the tables and their hair, and have the Piriton at the ready.


Changing rooms- not only are the in the ladies loo, they’re also in THE MIDDLE of the loo. You practically block the door and the sinks with the table down. I dread a poo-plosion occurrence so much that I would probably take Weasel into a stall instead to avoid!

Our favourite memory? Weasel took a shine to particular older toddler girl dressed in frills and bows, leading to the great statement from the parents to my husband that we had better watch out, Weasel was going to “sure be a ladies man”. Indeed.


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