Inn on the Lake – Godalming

Weasel’s first pub, ah, the memories. To anyone living in Godalming with a kid, I’m sure I’ll be preaching to the converted. The Inn on the Lake doesn’t scream child-friendly from the outside, but is packed full of NCT groups (im)patiently waiting their arrivals and those trying to work out their arse from their elbows in those early days. Comfy seating, dimmed lighting (perfect for discreet feeding), good coffee, chilled music and a nice fire in winter make this place ideal for a day-time meet up. And most importantly they don’t care if you nurse one hot cocoa for 3 hours whilst whining about how you haven’t slept in 6 days and how you smell of puke. And it continues to be great when your baby grows into a toddler, for the most part.

Changing room – rocks- unisex & clean

Food for your toddler– originally I was put off by lack of children’s menu, but they will take any dish on the menu and give you a half size. Weasel had a great pasta dish that she loved, and I loved finishing 🙂 Being a parent that is really, really trying to avoid the chicken nugget and chips style kids meal, I appreciate restaurants doing this. They didn’t have kids’ cutlery though; so bring your own or they’ll end up with a fork that’s so big and pointy that I’m scared to use it with fear of putting my eye out somehow.

Space to run? – In the coffee area yes, somewhat. There are a lot of business meetings in the restaurant bit, so if you have a mega-screecher you might want to avoid.  Weasel did like standing at the window and pacing like a caged lion which seemed to burn off that ‘MUST RUN IN CIRCLES’ virus that clearly toddlers have coursing through their veins. There is a big back garden which would be great in summer for energy-burning.

Parking– yes, free, my favourite!

It’s well worth a visit for lunch or coffee if you’re passing through on the A3, just off the tiny Eshing exit.


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  1. We tried to avoid the chicken nuggets and chips type meals too but Roo had other ideas….

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