Cats Ahoy!

Spending way too much time and money on Amazon, I came across a list of children’s books new releases and, being a bit into boats, thought Cats Ahoy! looked promising. Three months later, having been asked by a Waterstone’s shop assistant  if I was looking for anything (much to her regret), we went searching for a book that I described as ‘possibly being about cats and pirates, and maybe winning an award for the pictures’. It’s a wonder we found it, and I was sort of obliged after her help to purchase it, but so glad I did!

Weasel asks for the ‘fish book’, totally missing the cats being the main characters, but this has definitely been a big hit. It has amazing illustrations, great flowing rhymes and  teaches important phrases for all future sailors such as ‘weighed anchor and slipped from the mooring’. This book ticks all the boxes and has enough animals and nouns to keep you asking your kid to point out things forever.

It won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2011 it turns out, nothing to do with the pictures whatsoever. Oh well.


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