Yo! Sushi – What was I thinking?!

Weasel likes sushi, conveyor belts, people watching, bright colours, interesting waiters, how could Yo! Sushi not be the ultimate combination of fun for her? This, once again, is one of the great cases of over-estimating my daughter’s abilities.

I was meeting up with 2 friends with babies at West Quay shopping mall in Southampton, and thought we’d be fine since of course Weasel was the only weaned kid there. I failed to take into account:

1) The booster seat has nothing to attach to at a booth

2) Weasel will want to touch everything on the conveyor belt

3) Weasel will put Gravel on the conveyor belt

4) Weasel will want to eat the communal pot of pickled ginger by the handful

5) Weasel will choose and not eat the most expensive dish on the belt

6) My pram collapses, other peoples’ don’t, particularly with their sleeping babes in them

7) In the ensuing chaos I will leave my iPhone amongst the detritus

Far well Yo! Sushi! I will see you again in a couple years time…..




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