Sea Life- Great Yarmouth

Being a big fan of aquariums, I was super excited to take Weasel to her first one, Sea Life in Great Yarmouth, during a week break in Norfolk over New Year’s. She probably would have got just as much out of a trip to a fish shop at 11 weeks old, but this place rocks. And shark tunnels- that’s an important early life experience I’m sure.

Not having been to Great Yarmouth before, I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt that it’s probably a lot nicer in summer. As long as you don’t mind the bracing wind and feeling of total town abandonment, winter does have some benefits- free parking for example! The Sea Life was well worth the trip and Weasel maybe, possibly, might have even enjoyed her young-self.

Great features: shark tunnel (!), glowing neon tanks of jellyfish to mesmerize the kids, penguins with a climb in bubble, talks on animals even out of season (they let Weasel touch a crab!) and lots and lots of fish. The changing facilities seemed ok.

‘Areas of Opportunity’ as my employer would like to say: £14 entrance fee seems a little high (although savings can easily be found, that is the door price for people like me mostly too lazy to pre-book, a lazy surcharge we could call it) and the food area left a lot to be desired. It was in fact so unappealing we decided to venture out into the wind-swept town for food. The soft play area had very old kids in it, annoying given how small it was. Obviously our infant was not in there, but a friend’s toddler was and it did all end in tears.

Verdict: worth going to if you’re around these parts; book tickets in advance and pre-plan to eat elsewhere.


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