The Snail and the Whale – Highly recommended

The Snail and the Whale is one of both Weasel’s favourite books and mind. Why is it so awesome?

  • It has an actual plot! How you are meant to read books with random words to kids I have no idea. It has action! It has a journey! It has danger! It has a happy ending that isn’t so schmaltz-filled that you feel your hurriedly-eaten bowl of cheerios making their way back up!
  • This book is beautifully written. The words roll off your tongue and make it a joy to read and listen to.
  • There are just the right amount of lines on a page to keep your and your child’s interest.
  • It’s lefty without shoving it down your throat. Yes it is about seeing the world and helping beached whale, but there aren’t any speeches on why we should recycle or not use Styrofoam. (don’t get me wrong, I’m a card-carrying lefty, but I have limits when it comes to kids books!)
  • The illustrations are stunning. It’s full of bright colours and nouns to point out to Weasel – fish, monkeys, penguins, fire trucks, volcanos, waves, lightning, boats- it’s all there and ready for you to make a stupid noise and dance for.

This book just rocks and should be on every kid’s bookshelf.


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