Aberdovey – pretty much Britain in 1960

I do love rural Britain, but I do get the life shocked out of me when the nearest Starbucks is 2 hours away or I can’t find a Boots for the nappies or the toothbrush I inevitably forget. Aberdovey is straight out of some Fantastic 5 novel I reckon and there are proper seaside adventures to be had! Just don’t expect unisex baby changing or the ability to order a skinny dry capp without some strange looks; this is the 1960’s with all is ups and downs.

The gorgeous sandy beach should make this a top holiday destination, but sadly the weather doesn’t often cooperate. The photo is from August and the warmest day of the week, if that tells you anything about weather in north Wales. It is however perfect sandcastle sand and should be braved at all costs.

You will find a kids play area right by the beach and shops selling seaside paraphernalia all along the front, including equipment for the most British of pastimes: crabbing! I’d never heard of sitting at a docks with a bucket, some line and and a pack of raw bacon before (omg wetwipes…..), I’m pretty sure this is a distinctly British phenomenon. We were super excited about Weasel going crabbing for the first time, then she decided to sleep the whole way through!

We tied her to the doc, having little trust of our 2nd hand pram that sometimes has a mind of its own. To be honest, with it being low tide, I think we would have had a heart attack had she been loose. Reigns are definitely a must!

Aberdovey is definitely worth a go for that traditional seaside town without all the interesting townsfolk you get at some of the south coast beaches, but don’t blame me for the weather!


The Britannia Inn– decent but try not to sit in the snug. We struggled even to get our tiny pram in and ended up sitting next to a loved-up couple who really didn’t want to be next to a loud toddler! Didn’t try to find the loos, to daunting!

The Sunflower Cafe – A bit of an all-day breakfast kind of a joint, again, didn’t try the loos (not even sure they existed). Luckily it’s across from the car park so you can change the kids in the car!

And if you’re going self-catering, there are plenty of butchers, fish-mongers, green grocers, etc that are shockingly cheap and local; stuff you’d pay an arm and a leg for in Surrey.

There is car park right at the front (pay & display, but might as well be free with the price), so you won’t have to walk far.

There is a chemist for baby gear and some co-ops dotted around neighboring towns. So you might not get a 24 hours Tesco, but you will eventually, usually, mostly find what you need.


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