Totseat- alright, but a short window of usefulness

I bought a Totseat after a trip to a pub coffee morning (Chris Evans’s no less, la de da)  that required 6 babies to be fed puree at the same time and realising nowhere is going to have that many high chairs. I trawled through Amazon considering different types of booster seats, portable high chairs and clip-ons; went for this one totally based on compactness. My Mini has a lot to answer for!

It does fold down incredibly small, so fits in any bag and it’s been washed loads of times without fading.

The 2 main issues are:

Yes it does fit a lot of chairs, but sadly had issues at many coffee shops. I bought mostly for coffee shops, so a little bit of a problem.

Secondly, it doesn’t boost the kid in any way. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t claim to. The problem is that you need to boost a toddler or else their chin is on the table.

Verdict – Great for that period between 5 months and about 10 months after which they (hopefully) start feeding themselves and need to be, you know, somewhere near the table. Did work great for the wedding we went to on a boat when she was 8 months old.


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