Jamie’s Italian – Guildford

Jamie’s is a decent, slightly more authentic than average Italian restaurant chain, with some awesome sharing boards to keep little hands busy whilst you wait for your main and a nice Bellini to warm your cockles. But who still locks the disabled loo door?!

Positives: Baby changing loo is really trendy looking and clean, a man made pasta next to our booth which mesmerized Weasel and  it’s just noisy enough to cover up the sound of your kid.

At the time we went Weasel was still on purees, so it was a BYO kind of affair. But just checking out the website today I’ve noticed a few really cool changes – kids eat free Mon-Fri 12-5 (awesome since she’ll never eat it all anyways), they now take bookings for any size party (woohoo!) and they’ve got a wicked looking kiddie meal -which includes the amazing sounding ‘chicken lollipops’. Sadly the dessert is ice cream (well, sad for Weasel, happy for me!), as like many very young kids, ice cream sends a shudder in her like us eating a witchetty grub would. Also- a salad shaker in the kids meal? I thought Jamie had kids and should surely know better than to think that would work! Veggies yes; salad, “no mummy” as Weasel will surely shout at me with pointed finger.

Bad points

Most of the seating in Guildford is upstairs. There is little room for prams (I had to collapse mine both times I went, the friend with a Bugaboo Chameleon found she had to leave hers far away) and the many booths could limit how many highchairs you can use in your party.

The disabled/Baby loo is locked! I can’t believe you can still do this. So if you are disabled you have to ask a waitress to take you to the loo? It seems a little outdated to me.

Verdict: I am going back for the free ice cream and meat lollipops for sure, taking my own booster seat though if I go with other parents with toddlers.







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  1. caribb94 · · Reply

    sounds good-would like to go there with you sometime

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