Golden Dragon – London’s Chinatown

I love Chinese food. I want Weasel to love Chinese food; because a) I want to share with her the joys of different types of food, b) I am not damn well cooking a separate meal for her, and c) she is not eating from the ‘English’ section at ‘foreign’ restaurants. The Golden Dragon, a standard for grabbing a quick Chinese before catching the last train back to the deepest darkest Surrey, was to be Weasel’s first introduction to the cuisine.

The staff were a little bemused at the time that we were giving normal food to an 8 month old child, but kind to us none the less. We certainly weren’t going to win any parent of the year awards though for introducing shellfish and eggs in the same meal to her. Thankfully we did make it back home without any anaphylactic shock and bellies full of tastiness.

The change facilities are non-existent sadly; although I managed it on the toilet stall floor, it was far from ideal. We also had leave the pram downstairs, although they were kind enough to put it near the desk which seemed very safe. The high chair was clean at least, and of the puffy plastic variety. And although Weasel was definitely the youngest in the restaurant by a good 8 years, it’s loud enough to cover up the random shouts and banging of chop sticks on bowls.

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