Rumwong – Thai in Guildford

Having been there once on a work do and remembering it was super tasty, we decided to try out Rumwong with Weasel for lunch on a random weekday that my husband and I both had off in December. We probably should have looked in the window and high-tailed it back to Pizza Express.

Don’t get me wrong, I remembered it was posh, but thought ‘quiet weekday early lunch, how could it go wrong?’. The good points kind of end with Weasel liked the ladies in their traditional dresses (I really should have known better having seen them!).

Where to even start with the downside? For a start, everyone else (although only maybe 3 tables) was in business suits, not laden with Christmas shopping and a grumpy, food-throwing toddler. We were put in the very back next to some stacked chairs and told the pram had to be further hidden behind the stacked chairs (seriously? In an empty restaurant?). Despite Weasel eating Thai food, nothing really stood out as being great for her, so coconut rice and prawn crackers it was. The loos were totally unsuitable. I ended up having to change her on a ceramic tiled floor in a toilet cubicle which is clearly not ideal for an already grumpy toddler.

Verdict- I will not being going there again. If you’re nice to me when I’m with my kid, I’ll come back without her. Be snobby to me and I’ll head for one of the many other Thai places in town. Go for Sir&Madam instead. Honestly, the food is even better.

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