The British Museum with a Toddler

I love London for its free museums. I love that this means you can pop in for an hour or if you have total toddler meltdown, you can escape without the pain of not getting your money’s worth. I was looking forward to taking the Weasel to the The British Museum but was a little worried people might look at me like I was insane for doing so. Other than the horrible nagging fear she was about to touch something setting of alarms (and lasers, lasers always come out when it happens in films…), it was great!

This doesn’t mean that I had some kind of genius kid admiring the architectural wonders. Of course I spent most of the time chasing her around, hence the photo choice below. And thankfully the barriers in front of exhibits are actually at the perfect height to stop a toddler, a rarity!

It was good because there were loads of crazed toddlers there doing exactly the same thing, which is the best I could ask for really. The massive covered inner courtyard is amazing, and a great place for tiny ones to stretch their legs whilst you try to chase them with the sandwich that they trying to avoid as if their life depended on it. We spent most of this visit neighing at horse statues and roaring at lion ones, and next time we’ll definitely be hitting the Egyptian rooms, what kid doesn’t love a mummy?!

The cafe isn’t too bad, if a little slow and full of rednecks in baseball caps cutting in line (grrrrr). The disabled toilet that we found didn’t appear to have baby changing, and with the normal loos down some steps, she got a change on the floor. There must be one somewhere, which I will try to scout out before our next visit. Pram access was a little hit and miss, so we just abandoned it at the entrance to the rooms and hoped for the best. Definitely worth a try- totally free and you get to pretend you’re all cultural like.

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