La Strada – unexpectedly awesome with toddlers

Not usually my first choice of restaurants, I was shocked by how good La Strada was with kids and am now a big fan. My normally food-adverse Weasel managed a 2 course meal here, even managing to finish her dessert that I had expected would be all mine.

We visited the one in Chobham, having totally failed to find the independent restaurant we’d been looking for despite the sat nav. Not only did they bring her crayons and give her her own menu, they asked her directly if she was enjoying her meal. This marks the first time a waiter has ever spoken to her like a human being (albeit a very silly human being covered in pasta), and I actually welled up.

The kids menu doesn’t have that many choices, but what’s on there is great. I can attest from the one bite I got of the pannacotta that the dessert rocks. And there were so many kids in there you would have felt strange not having a small person with you. Good times.

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  1. Louise cloake · · Reply

    Since Emilia was very small I have been pleasently surprised by the chain restaurants and their attitudes towards children. They must figure if they give things to entertain the children have things they will eat and talk to the kids then parents will stay longer and spend more. I admit that restaurants I would never have eaten in before are now top of my list when choosing somewhere to eat out as a family.

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