Bloom – all style, zero substance

I bought this because you could use it from birth and because, quite frankly, it looks so friggin cool. I couldn’t justify the cost, so bought it on Ebay for just over a third of the new cost.

This works brilliantly until they actually eat food. Which surely must be the point of a highchair, right? I could sit her in this in the kitchen with me and bake a cake, or make dinner or make lunch. And despite weighing the same as a small car, taking up half the floorroom in our dining room and being completely untransportable, it was lovely and I was happy.

Then at 6 months old I put the tray on. Weasel could rest her chin on it. It seems to have been designed by the Harlem Globetrotters for their offspring, not for us of earthly heights. It’s a problem exaserbated when they start feeding themselves given they can’t get their arms over the tray easily or see into a bowl sat on it.

And don’t get me started on cleaning the damn thing. With all the nooks and crannies, I expect a thourough examination would unearth small animals living on the crumbs and pools of yoghurt in there.

This is the worst possible thing to spend £125 on. If I would have spent the full £325 I think I would need medication to get over the trauma. Luckily they hold their resale value and I can go buy 8 of the Ikea ones that Mumsnet and everyone else in their right mind recommend.


One comment

  1. it does look cool – very space age! But slightly pointless having a highchair they can’t eat in….

    You’ve been busy, lady!!

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