Archies Launchpad – Farnham

After a late start and lack of any motivation to do anything besides a run to the tip to get rid of the Christmas tree (oh yes, in March) and a need to fill the fridge, we decided to try out Archie’s Launchpad in Farnham. Conveniently next to the Waitrose carpark, this would be some serious multi-tasking in the 2 hours we had left pre-dinner.

This place has just about everything going for it- plenty of parking (although 80p an hour), next to a supermarket (since as a parent you’re bound to be out of something vital!), clean, big, windows (why are some so ridiculously dark and dank?!) and best of all with a great cafe with decent coffee and an awesome range of smoothies. We just had a coffee, but the food looked better than the norm and the changing room looked alright (i.e. it didn’t smell like hell’s armpits, although weirdly had only a urinal in there…) At £4.50 it is a little pricier than most, but well worth it.

One of my biggest gripes (and main impetus behind the blog) is that everything is aimed at kids about age 5 and you seem to be meant to just shove the pre-2’s in a pram and ignore them. Archie’s seems to be pretty good for toddlers. No older kids were there running rampant, I wasn’t the only parent squeezing through (and I could get through the vertical rollers here, fantastic! No super embarrassing trying to back out moments here!) and there weren’t too many rope bridges to worry about. There were a few way too high platforms, but there was plenty of head height for me to carry Weasel through these bits.

It’s definitely recommended and I’ll definitely be going back with friends for a climb and a cappuccino.


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  1. campbell · · Reply

    Dear Gravel and co
    We are so pleased you enjoyed your visit to Archies Launchpad.
    Kind regards

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