Tippitoes Mini Bath – the most useful baby thing we bought

This bath made my life 100 times easier and honestly don’t know how anyone could live without it. It rocks so much I tell everyone about it and I’m sure they think I’m being ridiculous; how could a bath be this different?

We had a normal baby bath loaned to us, but it was just too big for Weasel and we had to hold her all the time. Someone recommended this and we bought it. In the early days she could slip down a little sideways (this did result in a very cute ‘help!’ face), but was fine most of the time. This bath allows you to briefly turn around to get a towel for example. And after about month 3, she couldn’t slip at all anymore and it allowed me to do things like shower (right next to her as we put it on the floor) have a bowl of cereal, brush teeth, etc.

She used it up until about 6 months, even though her feet hung over the end.  It’s so much fun we couldn’t bear to put her in the proper bath! The upside of finally moving her on was the saving of about 2 loads a washing a week in bath mats, towels and trousers, but all that was deinfintely worth the fun Weasel had.



  1. Hi, this is another comment. It looks lovely so far…can’t wait for some content 😉 xx

  2. I know where you get your love of “stuff”…it’s genetic…your dad has to have anything new and exciting, especially electronics…and yes, often they are are rubbish and become a charity donation. I am very excited about your blog and look forward to seeing more of everything. xo

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