Just the title of this kids book alone, it’s just called ‘Dave‘, would have been enough for me to buy it. The fact that it’s about a fat, farty cat that shares Husband’s name is just icing on the cake. I’ve tried hiding this one recently, as I think I’m up to reading it about […]


With Weasel’s uncle visiting, Husband had an excuse to take a Friday off and all head off to the cinema to see the Lego Movie. I’m pretty sure the three of us were looking forward to it more than Weasel was; she would have probably have preferred to go see the Tinker Bell film again […]


With our newly found freedom to go to the cinema again, Weasel and I headed off post-gymnastics on Friday to see the new Tinker Bell film, Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy on opening day. My choice would have been the new Lego film, but Husband would be none too pleased if we saw that […]


Let’s start off with the admission that I have zero patience; not that this is any kind of revelation to those who know me personally. These kids are born, why can’t they bloody well read straight away?! What do you mean they can’t understand basic mathematics? How can they not see the difference between green […]


Slightly rainy Saturday? Too chicken to brave a softplay on a drizzled weekend? Out of fish food/greeting cards/Shih Tzu calendars/random sweets in jars/shit you never knew you wanted? Excellent, garden centre it is then. We did genuinely need fish food and a 2014 calendar (on sale for 50p, whoop whoop!), so the garden centre with […]

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Missing the whole office thing where some team or committee celebrates every random event with balloons and displays (which makes my old office sound a wee bit like an elementary school), I’m well up for any excuse to celebrate with the kiddos at home. The boring end of January’s celebration? Celebrating the poetry of the […]


I’m pretty sure we did pizza making before with Weasel, but it was the make your own, get sophisticated ingredients and watch a toddler cry and choose bed over eating dinner sort of pizza making experience. This time was a lot less planned and a lot more child friendly as it involved a lot less […]


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